Hot Water Bag


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  • Include 2L regular hot water bag, 0.8L small hot water bag and a neck collar hot water bag.
  • Made in compliance with EU and European standards
  • Made from the highest quality rubber
  • Environmentally friendly product
  • Ideal pain relief for body aches and pains
  • Can be used with both hot and cold water
  • Large Size (2L)
  • Package Includes: Pack of 1 Hot Water Bottle
  • Material: Rubber, unlike other unreliable water bags, its can resist the hot water pressure comfortably, Easy to clean & keep water hot for longer time
  • Hot Water Bottle ensures heat reaches the affected region, bringing relief from pain
  • It may treats muscular pain, induces relaxation, releases stress nstantly relieves joint pains, muscular cramps, menstrual pains, stomach and back aches
  • It can be available in multiple colorsĀ 
  • Use for Hot & Cold
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